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All BlueLine™ flexible couplings, expansion joints and bellows are constructed from uniform-walled isostatically molded PTFE and demonstrate a high level of design consistency throughout the product line. This consistency—not apparent in competitive products—is a result of an optimally designed convolution and a proprietary manufacturing process.

BlueLine™ flexible couplings, expansion joints and bellows offer a wide variety of benefits for maintenance and repair personnel including:

  • Reliable protection for fragile FRP, carbon or glass equipment and nozzles

  • Superior corrosion resistance in acidic and caustic environments

  • Heavy walls made from isostatically molded virgin PTFE

  • Low spring rates with short face-to-face dimensions


Ethylene Flexijoint PTFE expansion joints are flexible connectors and tremor barriers designed to compensate for misalignment, absorb expansion and contraction, and isolate vibration and shock in process piping, tanks and pumps. They also offer a low spring rate to protect stress sensitive FRP, glass or graphite equipment.

Flexijoints are available in sizes 1/2" to 42" and from 2 to 12 convolutions for maximum movement.

Flexijoint has almost universal chemical inertness, high and low temperature resistance, invulnerability to ozone and sunlight, outstanding flex life, and low acoustical impedance (sound dampening properties).


Flexijont Universal expansion joints consist of two bellows separated by a PTFE lined pipe spool. The primary purpose of this arrangement is to have a unit which will accept large amounts of lateral deflection and substantially reduced force (spring rate) required to cause movement.


Provides resistance to rotational forces and limits lateral misalignments. Unlike competitors, the Flexijoint LimitBolt design does not require the removal of LimitBolts for installation.


Flexijoint Hinged style expansion joints contain pivots which only allow the unit to bend in a single plane. Their hinge mechanisms are very effective at absorbing pressure — thrust and other external loads such as the weight of adjacent piping, which relieves the piping designer of having to provide additional supports and anchors as required by standard type expansion joints


Each T-Band™ incorporates (3) radial spokes which rest on the Limitbolts, thereby restraining the T-Bands that hold the convolutions in balanced geometrical position. This feature will eliminate squirming or buckling effects and dramatically increase operating pressure capabilities in multi-convoluted Flexijoints.


The Gimballed Flexijoint is basically the same as the hinge type except that instead of being limited to deflection in only a single plane, it can accept bending in any plane. It contains two sets of hinges connected to a central floating gimbal ring. Gimballed joints are the most reliable form of a flexible connector and are widely used for complex piping systems where proper anchoring & guiding may not be feasible. These flexible connectors, usually in pairs, will permit piping to float in relation to terminal points.


AnchorBase is basically an anchor built around a LimitBolt Flexijoint. It is ready for bolting to a footing, floor, or other structural element of suitable mass. Distance from Flexijoint centerline to base bottom conforms to ANSI B16.5 for 150 lb base fittings.


Advanced composite flanges have the strength of steel with 1/2 the weight and will never corrode. ZERO CORROSION RATE! Request brochure “FlexDurcor” for more information.


PTFE lined metal expansion joints provide double containment protection and higher pressure ratings. Visit the FlexArmor page for more information.

Ethylene Corporation's Flexarmor Flexijoint expansion bellows combine the high pressure rating of a metallic expansion joint with the high temperature and near-universal corrosion resistance of PTFE. They are designed for services where the unreinforced Flexijoint PTFE bellows is unsuitable.

Seamless, heavy walled, isostatically molded PTFE liners provide excellent resistance to permeation. This high integrity liner offers a superior alternative to the conventional PTFE spray coated or seamed liner. They are subjected to uncompromising quality control before and after lining of the bellows.

Pressure ratings for Flexarmor bellows are as high as 200 psig. The metallic outer bellows features uniform wall thickness and multiple ply construction for increased flexibility. These bellows are available in most nickel alloys including Monel, Inconel and various types of stainless steels. Available designs include: universal joints, hinged-pinned and slotted, and gimbal types. Versatile manufacturing techniques accommodate customization of Flexarmor bellows' flanging, overall length, movements and spring rates.

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