Hoffman-Kane Pump Repair

We have recently acquired and renovated 7500' square feet of space dedicated to our pump repair shop.  We have all the equipment and capabilities to take your pump from beast to beauty, in shop, from start to finish.  We repair the metallurgy, the seals, the gaskets etc. giving us full control of costs and production time.  We will repair your pump back to the original manufacturers specifications or better.  We also have access to aftermarket and upgraded wearable parts to increase your mean time to repair.

Any pump, any seal...We've seen it, we can fix it.


Douglas Calkins



Hoffman-Kane's custom pump skid

Our close relationships with original equipment manufacturers and industry leading engineers allows us to build you a pump skid from A to Z, within spec and within budget.   Our skids will get the job done!





Hoffman-Kane Dist. can repair your seal!  We are a distributor for John Crane and repair all John Crane seals in our territory.  We also repair FSI®, Chesterton®, Eagle-Bergmann®, USSeal®, Flex-a-Seal® & Sepco® to name a few.  We have three separate repair stations all separated by closed doors and temperature controlled to prevent cross contamination.  We have seen it all from mechanical seals, cartridge seals, component seals to double, tandem and spit seals.  There is nothing we cannot handle.


Shop 1: Seal disassembly room equipped with silica blaster and sonic washer to remove any containments and safely begin the disassembly procedure.  

Shop 2: Seal face lapping room.  We use a lubricant and diamond slurry mixture with our automated lapping machines to flatten seal faces to within five light bands.  

Shop 3: Seal assembly room.  A "clean room" to assure all seal faces don't contact contaminates during assembly.  After assembled, cartridge seals are pneumatically pressure tested to assure there aren't leak paths.

For instruction on sending your seal in for repair or general seal repair questions, please contact Dan Cimarolli.