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Hoffman-Kane is a fully operational pump and seal repair shop?  We can take your pump from start to finish all in house.  Contact us for more information.


Welcome to our new website.  We have designed this to be a multifunctional site giving our customers the best resources and information.  You can browse all the wonderful product offerings, shop on our e-commerce pages and look for great information on our resources and literature page.  You will find everything from IOM's and installation videos to articles from the industry leading experts.  If you have any questions or would like to see other resources added, please click the "contact us" link in the footer.  Thanks for stopping by! 



About Us

About Us

Originally founded in 1962 as a manufacturer’s rep company, we soon developed into a full line seal, packing and gasket distributor and in 1984 Hoffman-Kane Distributors, Inc. was born.  Today, Hoffman-Kane has evolved into a leading industrial distribution and manufacturing company. Our broad product offerings and service capabilities allow us to best meet our customer’s needs. 

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