Project Profiles

At Hoffman-Kane we’re proud to have worked collaboratively with customers across many projects and industries to achieve many different goals. These include rapid response repair scenarios and delivering added value service to help identify and improve workflow efficiencies. There are countless ways we can work together to deliver success. Here are a few examples.

Ohio Tar Plant

A tar plant in Ohio was using a competitors mechanical seals and yearly purchases were $585,000. Hoffman-Kane was called in for assistance in solving their constant seal failures.

These are excerpts from a letter from the Plant Manager detailing the results of our three year seal failure reduction program:

  • “Provided training classes for all pump mechanics instructing them in proper procedures……..”
  • "Provided pump alignment training for all mechanics……….”
  • "Inspected every pump for proper installation……..”
  • "Inspected every pump for use and application to ensure proper seal selection……….”
  • "Recommended correct API piping plan for each pump."

“The results of our efforts were dramatic (the first year), the plant spent only $89,000 on mechanical seals and repairs.”

Western Pennsylvania Steel Mill

A steel mill in Western Pennsylvania was experiencing continued maintenance issues with their AC Model 9000 split case water booster pump in their Hot Mill.

Hoffman-Kane installed a John Crane 3740 Split Seal in place of their existing packed stuffing box.

The result: The seals have been running leak free for 18 months, compared to a previous 6-9 month pump rebuild including replacing the rotating assembly.

Local Chemical Plant

A local chemical plant was using a traditional component seal in a Durco MK III pump handling cobalt based chemicals.

The component seals lasted an average of 3 months and required an extensive installation process. Hoffman-Kane applied a John Crane 5610VL cartridge seal without modification to the equipment.

The result: The cartridge seal is still running after 24 months and the installation time is cut in half.

Northern Pennsylvania Biodiesel Plant

A biodiesel plant in Northern Pennsylvania was having continuous failures of their packed Goulds Vertical Cooling Tower pumps. Not only would the packing leak regularly but it caused damage to the sleeve and the area around the pump.

After installation of the 37FSB Split Seal the leakage disappeared and the seals have been in continuous operation for over 2 years with no damage to the equipment and a much cleaner environment around the pumps.

Western Pennsylvania Chemical Plant

We were asked by a Chemical Plant in Western Pennsylvania if we could supply a pump base to fit a well-known pump manufacturer’s pump/motor/etc.

The manufacturer gave the customer a 16 week lead time and the chemical plant needed faster service or they were in danger of production issues.

The Summit Pump factory in Wisconsin had 80 pump bases in their warehouse to fit this application. The chemical plant was back in production within two days!