Hoffman-Kane Distributors, Inc

Hoffman-Kane Distributors, Inc

Peristaltic Pumps for Metering Duties

Superior Accuracy for Your Dosing Processes

Accuracy of metering in any application is the most vital property of a metering pump. Flow rate of LPP-M metering pump is not affected by variation of the discharge pressure condition. Positive displacement of the tube bore with zero slip provides same output volume on every cycle. The compression point of the tube acts as self-cleaning check valve without clogging risk providing clear flow path with no possibility for vapour lock.

Flowrox LPP-M pump has a protection rating of NEMA 4X/IP66 and is equipped with a unique Tube Failure Detection, which is designed to stop the pump if pump tube is ruptured and chemical enters the pump head.

Standard technical features:

  • Only the tube element is in contact with the medium
  • Self-priming, 90% of full vacuum
  • Will never vapour lock or lose prime
  • No valves - no clogging
  •  Dry run capability
  • Exact flow per revolution irrespective of the pipeline pressure
  •  Durable system is not affected by air bubbles
  • Minimum amount of wearing parts

The non-enclosed version of the pump is designed especially for OEM purposes.